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26th Jun 2014

There’s an amazing festival happening this weekend. No, not Glastonbury (although, that’s happening also apparently). I’m talking about Scotland’s very own premier rock and metal festival, Les-Fest 2014. Now in it’s third year, it has moved to the new and quite frankly beautiful location of Wiston Lodge, South Lanarkshire making it less than a hour away from Edinburgh, Glasgow and even Carlisle. With 52 acres of land, there’s enough space for the usual parking and camping but if you don’t fancy roughing it there’s the Lodge, Wooden Cabins and even some Tipis. But time is short so please go here for your options and how to book.

So, if you’re a fan of raucous rawk music and are looking for something other that a quiet weekend then Les-Fest might just be for you. It’s already won Best Musical Event of the Year back in 2012 at the Scottish New Music Awards but if you need any more convincing, there are plenty of reviews of previous years here. Still relatively young, it’s only going to get bigger year on year. And just imagine being able to tell your grandkids ‘I was there, back in the day…’

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A Liquid Landscape

17th Jun 2014

I had never heard of A Liquid Landscape before running into them when they supported Crippled Black Phoenix at the Liquid Rooms a couple of weeks ago. My first impression was ‘great name’. And they didn’t disappoint with their emotive live sound either.

Now that I’ve had time to digest their ‘Nightingale Express’ album, I have to say that I’ve really fallen for them. It’s a beautiful collection of songs that take you on a journey of discovery, hope and longing. This is not an itunes/ipod shuffle album people, and requires listening to in its entirety for the full experience. You’ll soon find yourself pressing repeat at the end…

The band have even been good enough to collaborate with film maker Lex Vesseur to produce a short film which captures the very essence of their sound and concept. You can view it here.

I’m hopeful that they will make it back to these shores again in the not too distant future. Now that I know the music, I would love the chance to hear it live again and I will let everyone know if/when that happens. Until then, please feel free to do some Facebook liking and purchasing of a physical/download copy of the album obviously.

Good bands like this deserve your support…

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Classic Album Sundays with Loud & Clear at Glasgow Jazz Festival 26th – 29th June

5th Jun 2014

We are joining up with our friends at Classic Album Sundays again at this year’s Glasgow Jazz Festival.

There will be five sessions from Thursday 26th June – Sunday 29th June.

There’s a Jamaican theme on the Saturday to celebrate the Commonwealth, so we’re straying a little and having some Bob Marley too!

Last year’s sessions were a lot of fun, so we are looking forward to bringing them back to the festival again at the end of June. We’ll also enjoying checking out some live jazz too.

Thursday 26th June – 8pm
Miles Davis – ‘Round About Midnight
Presented by Keith Loxam (BBC Radio 3 Producer)
Click for more info and to book tickets >>

Friday 27th June – 8pm
Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue
Presented by Keith Bruce (Herald Arts Editor)
Click for more info and to book tickets >>

Saturday 28th June – 6pm
Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges – Back To Back
Presented by Stephen Duffy (BBC Radio Scotland)
Click for more info and to book tickets >>

Saturday 28th June – 9pm
Bob Marley – Exodus
Presented by Neil Murray (National Theatre of Scotland)
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Sunday 29th June – 6pm
Etta James – At Last
Keith Moore (Herald)
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We will be using Linn‘s new Klimax Exakt System with their iconic Sondek LP12 turntable ,all updated to the very latest specification, for vinyl replay of all the albums.

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