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Tool & Failure (Live)

29th Apr 2014

So it was a biggy that sparked our last minute dash to the US of A. If you’ve seen my previous review of Tool (you can view it here) you’ll know that I was already champing at the bit for another album and therefore a tour, back in 2012! As you can imagine, I let out an audible involuntary noise when they announced a handful of US dates in January this year. But the final straw came when they added a few more which included Austin and Houston, both places that we’ve been to and know quite well. Cue a couple of speedy conversations which culminated in the booking of tickets for these two shows.

A bit crazy? Well, Tool are the kind of band that can do that to you. What they manage to achieve, is more than just amazing music and a pretty light show. It’s like a full on sensual assault when you’re in front of the two things combined. My other half had seen them once before, here in Scotland (jealous? moi?) but claimed that he couldn’t remember much about it. I thought he might be trying to spare my feelings but now I know why.

The show lasts just under two hours (I think) and there’s even a cheeky 10 minute intermission but I’m still only getting snippets coming back to me. I’ve christened it PTTD (Post Traumatic Tool Disorder). However, the flashbacks are really awesome. So with the news that a completed album may yet be some time away, it was worth every mile of the 6000 (or so) that we travelled.

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p.s. A big shout out for recently re-formed 1990’s support band ‘Failure’. I really liked their vibe (think Nirvana meets Amplifier) and have since been listening to their ‘Fantastic Planet’ album. It’s superb and I do hope that they’ll stick around and write some new material…

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The Maverick Music Festival (San Antonio)

22nd Apr 2014

So, we decided on a bit of a whim to organise another music based road trip to The States. It was mainly to see one band in particular (more of that to come in my next post) but also being able to attend The Maverick Music Festival was what nailed it in the end.

We’ve been to San Antonio before and really like it there. It’s got a nice vibe and a pretty river walk that runs right through the centre of town. So, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were three stages in total, with one of them set on the riverbank and two of them being absolutely free. And yes, I do mean FREE. Passers by were able to take a seat on the grassy amphitheatre and enjoy the music. Which we duly did.

That was when we encountered Crown, who were just setting up on that stage. We noted that there was a lot of hair present so we stuck around. And they didn’t disappoint with their blend of bluesey-psych-rock (which you can sample here & here). Their full length debut album is imminent (but there are already some tracks/an ep etc available to play/download here) so if you like what they’re doing, please support them by buying their tunes.

Our day ended with The Black Angels which as you may know from previous posts, are an absolute favourite of mine. And it was an appropriately awesome performance to finish the day off with…

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Linn Vinyl Adikt Day at Loud & Clear Glasgow, Saturday 26th April

17th Apr 2014

The Glasgow store is celebrating Linn’s Vinyl Adikt day on Saturday 26th April.

You’ll be able to pop along and listen to the iconic Linn Sondek LP12 turntable and hear why vinyl is still such a fabulous medium to listen to music through.

We will be partnering up our fully upgraded LP12 (Urika, Keel, Radikal, Ekos SE) with Linn’s new reference Klimax Exakt System to give you the pinnacle of music replay by Linn.

Bring along your own LPs and hear how good they can sound!

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We also have a Keith Monks Omni record cleaning machine, which can transform the sound of your old dirty records. It’s £3 per 12″ and includes a new Nagaoka anti-static inner sleeve.




Riverside & Votum (Live)

15th Apr 2014

So, after a great trip Stateside (more of that to come soon) we came home feeling a little deflated but knew that we had a triple dose of delectable Polish rockers Riverside to help soften the blow. Then, a couple of days before it was all due to kick off, I opened an e-mail that I had to read twice before letting out a small fan-girl squeal. Now, this kind of thing never happens to me but someone (I’d like to whole-heartedly thank that person) hadn’t responded to the fact that they’d won a meet’n’greet with the band (competition run by PlanetMosh and promoter Ridgeback Rock) and I was next in line. Could things get any better?

Well, yes. The first date in Liverpool allowed us to re-aquaint our selves with the majesty of Riverside in a live setting. If you’ve never had the pleasure, please feel free to check them out here. Incidentally, the first track is the opener from their magnificent debut album ‘Out of Myself’ and a sign of things to come. If you like it, please remember to buy their entire back catalogue, not forgetting the ep’s and the live dvd that this is taken from. You won’t be disappointed.

As it turns out, not only are they super talented, but a really nice bunch of people too (a special mention for their hero of a sound engineer who seems able to squeeze out every last drop for the crowd no matter what’s thrown at him). So much so that after meeting them in Manchester, we got to do it all again when they visited Edinburgh later that same week. They also brought us Votum…

Now, Votum I had heard of but hadn’t got round to checking out properly so it was lovely to find out that they were in keeping with the down-to-earth-yet-extremely-talented theme. After three gigs, I had begun to recognise songs and noted that they were just as likely to serenade you with an acoustic guitar as melt your face off with some serious shredding and shouting. You can sample the beauty of their variety here & here

If you missed all of this, don’t worry as they had such a good reception that they have both vowed to be back with new albums. In the meantime, you know what to do… &


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