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The future of Hi-Fi with Naim Audio

25th Apr 2012

Glasgow Thursday 10th May

Edinburgh Saturday 12th May

We are looking forward to hosting this event, in Glasgow on Thursday 10th of May and in Edinburgh on Saturday 12th of May!

Naim’s entire range of network-connected audio solutions will be on demonstration.

From the ultimate audiophile experience offered by the new NDS network player, to the compact convenience of the UnitiQute all-in-one player, there will be a solution to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.

A selection of high-resolution music will also be playing, including tracks from Naim Label’s 24bit/192kHz remaster of Antonio Forcione and Sabina Sciubba’s classic album Meet Me In London.

So if you are curious about hearing music in higher resolution than ever before, through a next-generation Naim solution, register to attend the event from the link below for the chance to win a UnitiQute all-in-one audio player.

Click here for your chance to win a Naim UnitiQute all in one audio player


24th Apr 2012

Brothers Jennings, Van and Lain Carney grew up on a farm in rural Virginia and after some well travelled life experience each, came together to form Pontiak. These guys are the real deal, not only writing but recording and producing their own music on their own terms. And now, they even do it all in a specially built studio back at that family farm. Each of their albums feel like a moment in time, captured, and it’s difficult to describe their sound in just a few words.

They are sometimes loud. Sometimes organic. Usually both. But always original. Their live shows are something else entirely. I highly recommend ‘experiencing’ Pontiak for yourself. As someone said of them recently ‘ You should pay attention to them because they rule’. I couldn’t agree more. Their latest offering, Echo Ono is a stunning addition to an already impressive back catalogue.

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The Black Angels

It’s really difficult to express just how much The Black Angels mean to me, personally. So I’ll just say that they’re absolutely my favourite band. Ever. I bought their magnificent debut album ‘Passover’ after reading a short review which made it sound ‘interesting’ but nothing could have prepared me for the impact they would have on my life. I love them so much, If I could only take one band’s music with me to that tropical island, It would be theirs.

Three albums (and a few EP’s + extra tracks) in and having already seen them here 6 times, I thought it was time to show them some of that love and visit them on their home turf. So I will be flying out to The States at the end of April to attend their very own Psych Fest in Austin, Texas. That’s how much I love them.

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Meridian's 40th Anniversary System

18th Apr 2012

On Demonstration In Glasgow

Forty years ago, Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd worked together for the very first time and began to design their first products: the distinctive Lecson AC1 control unit and AP1 power amplifier, which went on sale the following year, in 1972.

These ground-breaking products won Bob and Allen their first British Design Council Award in 1974, and remain on permanent display in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

To celebrate the Ruby Anniversary of Allen and Bob’s creative partnership, Meridian is releasing a special limited 40th Anniversary Edition of Meridian’s most advanced audio replay system, consisting of a special version of the 808 CD and Meridian Sooloos Player with a pair of DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeakers.

For this edition, each component is given a unique, distinctive and never-to-be-repeated Ruby Red finish and contrasting driver bezels. All the units are built from hand-selected components and include numerous special individually-adjusted performance enhancements that make this stunning system sound even better.

The system is unique in other ways too. Only 40 systems in total will be available. Each includes a hardbound system user guide with a unique introduction detailing Meridian’s history and loudspeaker design & philosophy, personally signed by Bob & Allen. Following installation, a senior Meridian engineer will be available to fine-tune the system in situ.

Only on demonstration for a limited period, so come along for a once in a lifetime listen to this stunning system.

Classic Album Replay Thursday 19th April

13th Apr 2012

Thursday the 19th of April from 7pm till 8pm in the Glasgow shop.

This month’s album for Classic Album Replay is Portishead “Dummy”.

This was one of the albums that was suggested at our Classic Album Sundays event. So hooray for democracy!

For more info on “Dummy” check out Greg Wilson’s Living To Music blog.

Please don’t feel intimidated in coming to the shop!! There is no sales pressure. Simply come along, grab a glass of wine, and listen to this classic on a fabulous hi-fi system – taking you closer to the performance!

If you could get here 10 minutes before that would be great!

Epson's Ultimate Full HD 3D Projector

3rd Apr 2012

Experience a new cinematic adventure with Epson’s EH-TW9000 top of-the range Full HD projector with brighter, high definition 2D and 3D viewing.

Epson’s new high-end projector the EH-TW9000 allows you to easily convert 2D high definition content into Full HD 3D at the touch of a button. An internal microchip (the Integrated Circuit or IC chip) analyses the image and splits it into various levels of depth, which at the end it will re-combine in order to create a sense of perspective in the scene.

At the same time all the objects in the 2D picture are identified in order to develop an embossed model of each. It uses these two techniques to simulate the ‘parallax’ images (the paired set of left and right eye images). The resulting image is then put back together by the projector and shown on the screen, so creating 3D pictures which are as natural as if you were looking out of your window.


On permanent demonstration in Glasgow’s Theatre 1

Contact Ian in Glasgow for more details, or pop in for a demo.

JVC Introduce New Projector Range

JVC introduces three new 3D Ready D-LA Home Theatre projectors with up to 100,000:1 native contrast ratio.

JVC have introduced the world’s first HD up-converting home theatre projectors that display 2D HD content with almost 4K precision. Featuring JVC’s new e-shift technology capable of projecting images with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, four times that of full HD. The upconverting technology is available in two of three new 3D-ready projectors that boast a wide range of advancements, including higher native contrast than previous models for levels that remain unmatched by any other home theatre projector.

The new projectors are the DLA-X90R, DLA-X70R and DLA-X30. JVC’s 4K e-shift technology is featured in the top two models, while all three new projectors offer other advancements that boost picture quality, improve 3D performance and enhance functionality.

DLA-X30 – £3,000
DLA-X70 – £7,000
DLA-X90 – £10,000

With the D-LA X70 on permanent display in the Glasgow showroom, is now the time to get that home cinema project started?

Contact Ian in Glasgow for more information on 0141 221 0221,
or pop in and see the difference yourself.

White Denim

I heard somewhere that White Denim had been awarded the ‘Best Live Act’ award at Austin’s famous SXSW festival more than any other band. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

Last year’s quietly released ‘D’ made it into the top 10 of a lot of ‘Best of 2011’ lists. And with good reason. It’s a delightful album full of surprises and, not having been much of a fan of their previous work, it caught me completely unaware before very quickly leap frogging straight into my own best of last year list.

So, if you’re a fan of infectious, genre hopping music (or indeed just music in general) it comes highly recommended. And as I wouldn’t want to spoil anything, I’ll just call their live shows ‘energetic’…

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Crippled Black Phoenix

There are a few rumours surrounding Crippled Black Phoenix. Most of them started by the band themselves. This may also be due in part to the many people that have been through their revolving door of members over the last few years. Starting out as a collaboration of like minded musicians who were either in (or had been in) other bands, this made their early albums and live performances a little sporadic.

But they appear to be trying to put that behind them with the release of ‘Mankind (The Crafty Ape)’ in January this year. A concept album dreamt up by original founder member Justin Greaves, it proves to be their most focused yet. Having walked the line between melancholic doom and hopeful optimism for the most part, their message now seems to be coming through loud and clear. And with some attitude.

Many have tried and failed to pigeon-hole them. Almost all have mentioned Pink Floyd. I was sonically assaulted by them at a show in Glasgow last year. In a good way. Currently on a ‘We Shall See Victory’ tour of Europe finishing up in London at The Garage on 3rd May, I personally hope that a full UK tour will follow.

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