Following are some of the trade in and ex display items from our stores.

Updated on 21 May 2019

Ex Display Meridian DSP5200.2 Active Loudspeakers

£4500 (currently £6000)

Here we have the latest version of the well loved Meridian DSP5200 DSP loudspeaker range, the DSP5200.2.

This is a fully active speaker which may run as the endpoint of a Meridian source system or a fully amplified speaker into which you may add a digital source. The DSP (digital sound processing) will allow for customised configuration into most room environments. This allows the speaker to run in free space, tight to a wall or in a corner position.

For Meridian equipment owners the speaker is equipped with traditional digital and comms connection along with speakerlink. For non Meridian users the digital input allows for direct connection of CD player, streaming player etc.

The DSP5200.2 are finished in gloss white and are in perfect condition. The come with full original packaging so may be transported or delivered easily.

For futher information please call the Edinburgh shop.

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Used – Linn Sekrit DS


Here is a practically new Linn Sekrit DS which is designed to provide a fully integrated system you can conceal easily and though not necessary, to be used with Linn’s Sekrit in-wall loudspeakers, giving you a completely hidden music system. It can also be used as a digital source for an existing HiFi.

Featuring a network streamer, DAC, pre-amplifier and power amplifier, it boasts an impressively powerful sound for all being housed in such a compact case, perfect for a minimalist set up. This unit is only one year old, has had one well trusted owner from new and comes with complete original packaging.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire via the usual ways, email, telephone and by visiting our shop.


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SME Model 10 Turntable

£4650.00 (currently £6196)

Always wanted to own an SME Turntable? We’ll here is your chance.

This is our ex display SME 10, complimented by the superb M10 pickup arm designed specifically for this deck. Easy and accurate adjustment allows the fitting of many great cartridges to suit the individual taste. The SME detachable headshell also makes for ease of cartridge fitting or cartridge swap.

It’s small footprint makes it easy to accommodate and allows the Model 10 power supply to sit neatly beside the deck. Speeds are adjusted by the push of a button and the power supply allows 78rpm for those who have that requirement.

Our SME 10 is in excellent condition and comes with full original packaging and accessories.

We stock the full range of SME Turntables. Please contact us for more details on any of the SME products, New or ex demonstration.



Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Moon 250i Integrated Amplifier


For sale our lovely ex display Moon 250i integrated amplifier.

What can we say…..keep it simple and it just puts a smile on the face.

Equipped with 5 analogue inputs and an analogue pre out, a dedicated headphone amplifier with speaker off facility and full simlink capability for those who already have Moon equipment.

Time to discover what you existing speakers can really do…..

For more info please call.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Project 10 Signature Turntable – Piano Black


Just arrived in the Edinburgh shop, a wonderful example of the Project 10 Signature turntable.

The deck is finished with a Piano Black MDF plinth which is packed with metal granulate to give a non resonant platform. This sits on three magnetic feet which are decoupled via TPE pillows to give a high mass floating Turntable.

The Platter is taken from the model 12 and this sits on an inverted ceramic bearing. It’s composed of selected resonance optimised alloy, lined with resonance damping material and topped with an interesting vinyl layer.

The signature is topped of with a classic ‘s’ shaped 10″ arm which sits on an oil damped unipivot bearing. The arm wand contains damping material and a detachable headshell allowing for ease of cartridge fitment and change of cartridge. The arm cable supplied is the Connect IT din to RCA with speed control managed from the convenient switches on the plinth.

This deck is in immaculate condition, just over a year old with one owner from new. It comes with full shipping crate and all accessories…..down to the white gloves for handling.


Please call for further information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Crimson Audio 630D Mono Amplifiers


Just arrived in, a fabulous pair of Crimson 630D mono’s.

Ever wanted a pair? Ever wondered what all the fuss was about? Now’s the time to find out.

These are in first class condition and have had one owner from new having been supplied, installed and serviced by ourselves for their full lives to date. Never raced or rallied, they have been hooked up to a DNM Pre and Living Voice Auditorium since day one.

There is no original packaging but they are easy to box and transport anywhere in the uk. They come with their original DNM solid core mains leads.

Please call for more information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – MOON 360D/DAC


Just in stock is a MOON 360D/DAC from one trusted owner from new in the black finish.

Featuring Simaudio’s proprietary CD drive system with in-house developed hardware and software, high-resolution 24-bit/192-kHz digital to analog converter and 8X oversampling digital filter and S/PDIF digital input for use as a DAC with either a digital music server or external transport.

All is as you would expect from a company with well over thirty years of experience producing high end audio equipment, top drawer build quality, reliability and exquisite performance.

Call, email or pop into our shop with any enquiries.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Rega RP6


This is a fabulous example of how good something that has been well looked after can look and more importantly perform. The high gloss red lacquer won’t be for everyone, though in this case is a thing to behold.

Rega’s RP6 was a great deck when it came out and a great deck when it was discontinued, and still is! This one has had some had some upgrades which pushes the capability of the turntable. A better hub bearing and spindle as well as a much improved counter weight in the form of a Michell Techno counter weight.

The condition of it is near flawless, all original packaging is supplied so shipping is no issue, just a small fee.

If this takes your fancy drop us a line, come by the shop or enquire via email. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Atacama HMS1.1 Speaker stands Black 24″ with Atabite mass loading and Track Audio Spikes.

£200.00 (current combination ~£355.00)

Just in, a factory fresh pair of Atacama HMS1.1 stands in matt black. These stands are 24″ tall and were designed for the ProAc Response D1 / D2 speakers.

The pair we have are immaculate, one owner from new and can be flat packed into the original box for shipping. The stands are mass loaded with Atabites and come with both standard spikes and upgraded Track Audio spikes.

The photograph shows ProAc Resopnse D1 on the stands. Please enquire about a package price for these two items.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – ProAc Response D1 Loudspeakers

£895.00 (originally £1525.00)

Just into stock, we have an immaculate pair of ProAc Response D1 loudspeakers.

This pair were supplied by ourselves and have had one owner from new. Finished in a cracking Maple veneer, they are fully boxed with all original packaging and documentation.

Available under a separate listing we also have a pair of Atacama HMS1.1 stands. Please enquire about a package price on these two items.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – MOON 300D v2


This incredibly versatile Digital-to-Analogue Converter has had one owner from new and has been very well looked after. It features an interface that can be used with a computer using the USB-B input as well as other digital audio source components such as a music server, TV or a digital transport though either S/PDIF or optical TosLink connectors. It accepts an input signal ranging from 44.1 to 192kHz, with a bit-depth range from 16 to 24-bits across all inputs. Jitter is also a virtual non-issue thanks to SimAudio’s highly regarded proprietary digital clocking system.

The addition of this DAC to your system will breath life into your your digital library and has the hallmark qualities you would expect from a MOON product, fast, powerful, an open midrange, extended yet tight bass and ethereal high frequencies.

Get in touch by any of the usual methods if you are interested or have any questions at all.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Totem Arro


Unfortunately one of these speakers has sustained some minor cosmetic damage, which the price reflects and should be visible from the photo above. The other is in perfect condition and together they function exactly as they should, sounding fantastic. There are three chips in the gloss finish, none of which reach the cabinet material, all could be filled and covered to make them blend in.

The Arro is an incredible loudspeaker and not only for it’s size but will stand up against a speaker of a much higher value, offering a rich sound stage with almost tangible depth. Such qualities usually only achievable with precise positioning and set up. Not in this case!

Due to very clever designers the Arro is able to create a stereo image when quite frankly ‘plonked’ in a room with little else being done with them. If set up equidistant it is very easy to get an engaging experience and due to their clever nature are able to be positioned very close to a rear or side wall without compromising the presentation.




Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Krell KAV 400xi


Who will get their hands on this first?!

This particular unit has had one trusted owner from new, therefore is in fantastic condition, both visually and sonically. Fully integrated, the KAV 400xi offers both balanced and single ended connections, fully balanced signal paths, pure class-A circuitry, 200 Watts per channel, theatre throughput functionality and a remote control. All accessories are included as well as all original packaging.

Theatre Throughput is a Krell configuration option that allows the signal from a surround preamp or processor to pass through a Krell integrated amplifier with no gain, for integrated volume and balance management of a Krell home theatre system.

Any questions or interest, don’t hesitate to contact us either by email, phone or in person.







Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian 818v3 Reference Pre amplifier with Streaming

£5750.00 ( Currently £8000.00)

Time to treat your Meridian DSP speakers with a cracking front end? We offer for sale our display Meridian 818v3 Reference Pre-Amplifier with Sooloos capability.

The 818v3 boasts 6 analogue inputs, all RCA. Digital inputs are covered by USB, 2 Coaxial, 2 Toslink and a Speakerlink. Output is via Speakerlink or Comms / Digital RCA for Meridian DSP speakers. Twin RCA / XLR for those with a traditional power amplifier or Active loudspeakers are also provided. The network card allows connectivity to the Meridian Sooloos platform and Roon applications.

Note : DSP 7200SE and DSP5200.2 available to give a complete Reference system. Please enquire about a system.

Please contact Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian Ultra DAC Reference Digital Pre Amplifier with streaming

£10950.00 (currently £15000.00)

For those who operate exclusivley in the digital source domain we offer this splendid DAC /Preamplifier.

The Meridian Ultra DAC is a Reference DAC with volume control and streaming capability via Meridian Sooloos or Roon platforms. There are 4 coaxial inputs –  2 RCA and 2 BNC, 2 Toslink, 2 AES EBU and a USB. Output to a power amplifier utilises RCA or Balanced XLR.

Network connectivity will allow integration with the Meridian Sooloos system with other streaming options being catered for by connecting your streamer to the appropriate input.

Note: May be combined with the 857 Reference Power amplifier.

Please contact Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian 857 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier

£4250.00(currently £6000)

In need of an amplifier boost in your system? This stereo power amplifier from Meridian may just be the thing for you.

The Meridian 857 Reference Power Amplifier comes as the latest in a long line of fine amplifiers. Capable of driving any speaker with 500W into 4 ohm, 1.5kw into 4 ohm in bridged mono mode, it’s a truly a beast. The back panel features heavy duty binding posts which will accept 4mm plugs or spade connectors. Input to the amplifier is via RCA or balanced XLR giving flexibility on partnering Pre Amplifier.

Fully boxed and in immaculate condition this amplifier is ready to find it’s way into your system.

Note: May be combined with the Reference Ultra DAC

Please call Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more details.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

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