Following are some of the trade in and ex display items from our stores.

Updated on 18 September 2019

Ex Display – Hegel Mohican CD Player

£2995 Currently £3900)

Time comes round every so often to refresh our demonstration stock. This time it’s one of those lovely bits of kit from the equally lovely Norwegians-  Hegel.

The Mohican is simplicity itself. Pop in a CD and play it in a wonderfully musical way which make you just want sit and listen to your music collection.

What more can we say. Well the Mohican has both RCA and XLR output so connectivity is easy. Should you wish to use an external DAC it also has a digital output.

Please call for further information or to book a demonstration of this great CD player.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – Hegel H190 Integrated Amplifier

£2500.00(Currently £3200)

It’s time to refresh our demonstration Hegel H190 integrated amplifier so if your system needs refreshed too, then this is a opportunity not to be missed.

The H190 from the lovely Norwegians at Hegel is a wonderfully open, musical amplifier which is the true heart of a system.

The H190 has a healthy current delivery which drives most speakers easily. There are 3 analogue inputs – 1 x XLR, 2 x RCA – and 6 digital inputs – 1 x SPDIF, 3 x Toslink, 1 x USB and 1x RJ45 Network. The amplifier also has fixed and variable outputs to be used with and external power amplifier. A Headphone jack completes the ensemble.

Whether turntable or CD is your thing or you wish to hook up the TV or stream from your network, then this could be the amplifier for you.

It’s also a perfect partner to the Mohican CD player from Hegel.

Please call for further information or to book a demonstration.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – VPI Player

£750 (Originally £1500)

Great news! We are able to offer a great price for a great turntable from legendary manufacturers VPI, the Player.

Designed as an out the box solution with the high end performance that VPI are famous for. The player includes a factory fitted Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge, onboard phono stage, inbuilt headphone stage, a gimbal tonearm and a classic solid aluminium platter.

If you are interested how is sounds and works, book your self in for a demonstration by contacting us by phone, email or by visiting our shop.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Simon Yorke Zarathustra S5 Turntable with SME V Arm


One for the Turntable Aficionados.

Here we have a beautifully stylish turntable icon – The Zarathustra S5. One owner from new and originally demonstrated and installed for the customer by Simon Yorke when he was resident in Longniddry.

The deck is fully suspended and sits on a heavy slate base, fully enclosed in a smoked glass case. Fitted with a black SME V arm, it will happily take a wide variety of cartridges.

The deck has been used almost exclusively in a second system, very rarely in the last couple of years. It comes with full documentation but there is no original box so collection or local delivery is required.

Please call for more information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – Moon 240i Integrated Amplifier Two Tone

£1850.00 (Currently £2300.00)

Time to refresh the heart of your system? Here’s you answer, our ex display Moon 240i Integrated amplifier.

It’s a comprehensive little power house with 3 x analogue inputs, one of which is a Moving Magnet phono stage. It also has a 5 input DAC – 2 x Toslink, 2 x SPDIF and 1 x USB.

Fully boxed with all accessories it’s ready to find a new home.

Please call for details.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – Moon 230HAD Headphone Amplifier with DAC

£1375.00 (currently £1690.00)

The perfect complement to a nice pair of headphones….a cracking Headphone amplifier with DAC.

The Moon 430HAD is equipped with 4 digital inputs – 1 x toslink, 2 x SPDIF and 1 x USB. It has 1 analogue input and 2 x Analogue output – 1 fixed and one variable. All you need to connect any analogue or digital source.

The 430HAD may be used as a stand alone amplifier for headphones or as a rather well equipped pre-amplifier into your power amplifier.

Fully boxed and in excellent condition this is ready to find a new home.

Please call for details.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Moon 400M Mono Power Amplifiers

£4100.00 (Currently £7200)

We have for sale a pair of Moon 400M amplifiers.

Not much to say about these really….good healthy current delivery which allow them to drive all loudspeakers easily. Fully balanced differential design with the option of RCA or XLR input. Lovely neutral balance which will enhance most systems.

Fully boxed with all accessories and looking for a new home.

Please call for more details.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – ProAc Response 1S


These marvellous little stand mount loudspeakers have had one owner from new and are in great second hand condition. They come with the appropriate stands that were paired to be use in conjunction with these speakers when they were released. These have been mass loaded with sand and are indeed very heavy but allow the speaker to be planted in position giving them an incredibly solid platform to work at their optimum.

All original packaging is supplied here so shipping them is no problem. If the stands were to be shipped we would empty them for transit to avoid a fortune being spent on shipping costs.

Any questions we are happy to answer via all the usual methods.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Quad ESL 2805

£1995.00 (Originally £5000.00)

We have a lovely pair of Quad ESL2805 which we are selling on behalf of a customer.

These speakers were originally supplied by ourselves and have been used excusively in a second system. When not in use the speakers have been covered so are in excellent condition.

Full factory packaging is supplied. Please note that the outer sleeves were stored in an outhouse so show signs of wear. The speakers have been back to QUAD for service in the last few years.

For further information please contact Iain.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Luxman L – 505UX


New in to the shop as part of a trade in, is this stunning Luxman L – 505UX integrated amplifier. With classic Japanese styling this stunning amplifier looks as good as it sounds.

It has a phono pre amp which can be selected to be used with MM or MC cartridges with the input selector in the front, four line level inputs, record output and monitor input, pre-amp output to be used with a separate power amplifier and Main input to bypass the pre-amplifier.

This unit has had one owner for new, is in very good condition and has complete original packaging so if shipping is required that can be arranged.

If this is of interest to you, have any questions or would like to organise a demonstration, you can get in touch via phone, email or a visit to our showroom in Leith.



Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Rega Osiris

£2995 (Currently £6399.99)

This beast of an integrated amplifier is the product of Rega’s thirty two years of experience, designing, building and manufacturing solid state amplifiers. A no expenses spared, no compromise, super high performance dual – mono amplifier that is housed in a custom CNC machined aluminium chassis is a joy to look at and even more so to listen to. Able to drive the most demanding speaker systems with ultra low distortion, it will show you what a good choice of purchase your loudspeakers were!

Originally supplied by us it has returned as part to a trade in via Rega headquarters for a full service prior to its re-sale, therefore is functioning perfectly and looks stunning, as you will see above.

We are happy to demonstrate this with a little notice due to the practically bullet proof packaging. Any questions please feel free to ask via all the usual methods, phone email or better still a visit and a listen.






Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – McIntosh MA2275 Integrated Amplifier


This is a a nice example of the legendary McIntosh MA2275 integrated amplifier which we are selling on behalf of it’s owner.

One owner from new and used exclusively in a second system. Fully serviced and re-valved around 3 years ago with little use since.

Please call or email Iain for further details.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Bowers and Wilkins CDM7 NT


These great floor standers from B&W have come in as a trade in, their owner has loved and looked after them well.

Featuring B&W’s patented kevlar mid bass driver which was designed to reduce unwanted standing waves, thus increasing clarity. Also a top mounted and isolated tweeter is featured. This design is to maximise sound staging and to exact timing. Which they achieve very well.

Grills and spikes are included and most of the original packaging is also, only one piece of internal packaging is missing, however if you require shipping we can make certain that there are packed safe for transit.

Any questions we are happy to answer.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Monitor Audio Bronze 5


Just in down here at Commercial Quay is a lovely pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 5. This pair came in as a trade in, and have been very well looked after by their only owner from new.

They present lovely clear high frequencies, a beautifully clear mid range and a controlled bass. When new they were a lot of speaker for the money, at the listed price above the good news just gets better!

Unfortunately there is no original packaging, therefore collection is best.

Any questions at all, feel free to get in touch.




Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Martin Logan Vantage – Cherry


Just in, a fine example of one of our all time fav Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers.

This pair of vantage were supplied by ourselves to their only owner and have remained in position until recently when a house move allowed for a larger set of speakers.

Finished in Cherry wood with Black stators, these are in immaculate condition. When not in use the owner used their protective covers so no dust settles on the speakers. Weekend only use means the stators have had only around 4000 hours use.

The vantage come with full accessories and packaging enabling us to ship easily.

Please contact us for more information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – ProAc Tablette 10 Rosewood


We have for sale our demonstration pair of ProAc Tablette 10 speakers. This set are finished in Rosewood veneer and come with full packaging and accessories.

The 10s are a true bookshelf monitor which are happy in a near wall position, either on stands or the aforementioned bookshelf.

This pair are in immaculate condition and will be easy to dispatch to any location.

Please call for more information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian DSP5200.2 Active Loudspeakers


Here we have the latest version of the well loved Meridian DSP5200 DSP loudspeaker range, the DSP5200.2.

This is a fully active speaker which may run as the endpoint of a Meridian source system or a fully amplified speaker into which you may add a digital source. The DSP (digital sound processing) will allow for customised configuration into most room environments. This allows the speaker to run in free space, tight to a wall or in a corner position.

For Meridian equipment owners the speaker is equipped with traditional digital and comms connection along with speakerlink. For non Meridian users the digital input allows for direct connection of CD player, streaming player etc.

The DSP5200.2 are finished in gloss white and are in perfect condition. The come with full original packaging so may be transported or delivered easily.

For futher information please call the Edinburgh shop.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Demonstration – Auralic Polaris

£1995 (Currently £2875)

Convenience doesn’t have to mean compromise. The Polaris from Auralic is a one box solution to providing audiophile quality replay without needing racks and interconnects that more traditional multi-component hi-fi would.

It supports analogue sources with two single ended inputs. One at line level and one into a moving magnet phono stage for the use of a turntable. Digital inputs include AES/EBU, Coaxial, Toslink, and USB It is also capable of streaming via internal music storage, a media server, native TIDAL and Qobuz Sublime+ streaming, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Bluetooth and last but not least is also RoonReady.

All the original packaging is present so shipping this anywhere in the UK and Europe can be arranged.

Contact us for for more information or to arrange a demonstration by visiting us in the shop, phoning, or by dropping us an email. We’d be happy to answer any questions.





Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – Hegel Rost – White

£1700.00 (currently £2200.00)

Röst is the first of Hegel’s next generation integrated amplifiers. It represents everything that Hegel has learned about amplifier design and is a showcase for all of their latest technologies. The Hegel Röst combines an integrated amplifier with a built-in DAC and streamer with 75 watts per channel. It offers single ended and balanced analogue inputs, coax, optical and USB digital inputs, as well as built-in AirPlay and UPnP/DLNA streaming. A true do-it-all amplifier!

Connect the Rost to you TV system, music streamer or simply control it with one of many Streaming applications.

This is our display unit and is in first class condition. It comes with full packaging and accessories so may be dispatched to anywhere in the UK or overseas.

Please call for further details.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian 818v3 Reference Pre amplifier with Streaming


Time to treat your Meridian DSP speakers with a cracking front end? We offer for sale our display Meridian 818v3 Reference Pre-Amplifier with Sooloos capability.

The 818v3 boasts 6 analogue inputs, all RCA. Digital inputs are covered by USB, 2 Coaxial, 2 Toslink and a Speakerlink. Output is via Speakerlink or Comms / Digital RCA for Meridian DSP speakers. Twin RCA / XLR for those with a traditional power amplifier or Active loudspeakers are also provided. The network card allows connectivity to the Meridian Sooloos platform and Roon applications.

Note : DSP 7200SE and DSP5200.2 available to give a complete Reference system. Please enquire about a system.

Please contact Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian Ultra DAC Reference Digital Pre Amplifier with streaming

£10950.00 (currently £15000.00)

For those who operate exclusivley in the digital source domain we offer this splendid DAC /Preamplifier.

The Meridian Ultra DAC is a Reference DAC with volume control and streaming capability via Meridian Sooloos or Roon platforms. There are 4 coaxial inputs –  2 RCA and 2 BNC, 2 Toslink, 2 AES EBU and a USB. Output to a power amplifier utilises RCA or Balanced XLR.

Network connectivity will allow integration with the Meridian Sooloos system with other streaming options being catered for by connecting your streamer to the appropriate input.

Note: May be combined with the 857 Reference Power amplifier.

Please contact Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

SME Model 10 Turntable


Always wanted to own an SME Turntable? We’ll here is your chance.

This is a nice example of a used SME 10, complimented by the superb M10 pickup arm designed specifically for this deck. Easy and accurate adjustment allows the fitting of many great cartridges to suit the individual taste. The SME detachable headshell also makes for ease of cartridge fitting or cartridge swap.

It’s small footprint makes it easy to accommodate and allows the Model 10 power supply to sit neatly beside the deck. Speeds are adjusted by the push of a button and the power supply allows 78rpm for those who have that requirement.

This SME 10 is in excellent condition and comes with full original packaging and accessories.

We stock the full range of SME Turntables. Please contact us for more details on any of the SME products, New or ex demonstration.



Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Living Voice Auditorium R3R in Walnut


Have you ever wanted a pair of Living Voice Loudspeakers?

We have a lovely pair of R3R looking for a new home. An easy load to drive, they prove no problem for most amplifiers, giving a huge sound stage with a detailed dynamic top end, an open fluid mid and a tuneful, well articulated bass.

These speaker come with full packaging so may be shipped easily.

Please call for further information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Atacama HMS1.1 Speaker stands Black 24″ with Atabite mass loading and Track Audio Spikes.

£200.00 (current combination ~£355.00)

Just in, a factory fresh pair of Atacama HMS1.1 stands in matt black. These stands are 24″ tall and were designed for the ProAc Response D1 / D2 speakers.

The pair we have are immaculate, one owner from new and can be flat packed into the original box for shipping. The stands are mass loaded with Atabites and come with both standard spikes and upgraded Track Audio spikes.

The photograph shows ProAc Resopnse D1 on the stands. Please enquire about a package price for these two items.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Totem Arro


Unfortunately one of these speakers has sustained some minor cosmetic damage, which the price reflects and should be visible from the photo above. The other is in perfect condition and together they function exactly as they should, sounding fantastic. There are three chips in the gloss finish, none of which reach the cabinet material, all could be filled and covered to make them blend in.

The Arro is an incredible loudspeaker and not only for it’s size but will stand up against a speaker of a much higher value, offering a rich sound stage with almost tangible depth. Such qualities usually only achievable with precise positioning and set up. Not in this case!

Due to very clever designers the Arro is able to create a stereo image when quite frankly ‘plonked’ in a room with little else being done with them. If set up equidistant it is very easy to get an engaging experience and due to their clever nature are able to be positioned very close to a rear or side wall without compromising the presentation.




Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

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