Following are some of the trade in and ex display items from our stores.

Updated on 17 November 2018

Second Hand – Rega RP3 + Eyls 2 + Performance Drive Belt


It’s always nice to see an old friend! We sold this RP3 to one of our customers three years ago and now its back with us looking for a new home.

The Planar 3, RP3, P3 or whatever you would like to call it has been Rega’s bench mark from the start and remains their best selling deck, and for good reason.

A simple elegant design with a robust tone arm (RB303), featuring a vastly more rigid and tapered design for superior strength and rigidity for improved resonance control. Also a feature of the RP3 is top and bottom bracing which links the two bearings, keeping them aligned and true to each other and finally a solid 12mm glass platter that helps maintain smooth and consistent rotations.

The cartridge plays fine, it’s three years old but has plenty of life left in it, moreover the level of cartridge the RP3 can can get the most from far exceeds the Eyls 2 though that’s another conversation…

This deck comes with a performance drive belt fitted, but has no original packing. If delivery is essential, have a chat with us and we will be able to sort something out. It will also leave our shop fully serviced.



Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used Moon 110LP Phono pre-amp (3 months old!)


Dont let this compact unit fool you, it can make a huge difference in your vinyl playback. When released the 110LP was a huge leap forward in performance for an affordable phono pre-amplifier.

Derived from the technology used in the ever successful 310LP, the 110LP has all the qualities you would expect from the Moon range, fast and tight low frequencies with an open mid range and ethereal high frequencies. Constructed from military grade components and ultra short signal paths that greatly reduce the signal to noise ratio, the 110LP is the perfect upgrade choice for those who wish to get that bit more from their vinyl collection.

Containing this well rounder package is a super rigid all aluminium chassis, helping to reduce unwanted frequencies. Finished with a brushed and anodised face plate to top of this cracking piece of kit with a touch of style.

Comes fully boxed in original packaging.


Pop into the shop to take a look, or get in touch via email or phone.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Naim Nait 5


Recently arrived in our shop in Commercial Quay is a Naim Nait 5 integrated amplifier as a part exchange. In fantastic physical condition and sounding even better than it looks, this quality amp is not likely to be available long.

It was sold by us to it’s only owner from new so you can be assured that it has been well loved and well taken care of. There is no original packaging for this, however if you would require us to send it, we can arrange safe packaging and transit.


Also available is a Naim CD5 that arrived along side the Nait 5, although can be bought separately, contact us to discuss a deal we can do for both units. There is no remote control with this unit, however if both are bought, the remote control for the CD5 will control both the CD player and the amp.




Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Naim CD5


We have as part of a trade in from a very well known customer, a Naim CD5. This unit was sold by us originally and has had one customer from new.

In top condition, with a remote control and working perfectly, it’s just looking for a new home so come and ask us any questions about it and get the chance to own a piece of fabulous Hi-fi, at a fraction of its original price. There is no original packaging for this, however if you would require us to send it, we can arrange safe packaging and transit.


As a part of the same trade in we have a Naim Nait 5 integrated amplifier that was used in conjunction with this unit. Get in touch with us to talk about a deal on both!

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used Track Audio Precision Speaker Stands

£925 (£1695)

You can’t have too much stability in life, for instance you wouldn’t build a house with weak foundations… well the same goes for your Hi-fi!

We are letting go a pair on precision speaker stands from Track Audio, which can transform the way your monitors can perform and the way you set them up.

Every music system deals with sound waves and often you are faced with unwanted resonance and vibration. It has been the mission of the people at Track Audio to eliminate such frequencies to let your speakers reach their potential. These are hand built and use Track Audio’s signature isolation feet; a unique design with a locking sprung ball and click mechanism allowing easy and repeatable adjustments and experimentation with tilt for fine tuning phase coherence, as well as a glass spirit level on each for leveling and to ensure that your adjustments are exact. The pillar construction is also worth taking note of, individual segments machined from high grade aluminium to allow you to customise the height of the stand as well as a layer of dampening material in between each one.

As they would directly from Track Audio, this pair includes a full set of spike protectors for the use on hard floors.

If this kind of upgrade is of interest to you get in touch with us by e-mail or phone or better, by visiting us in the shop and to see them for your self.

If the full stands are not what you’re looking for, the potential to enhance your loudspeaker’s performance is still achievable as Track Audio do a full range of products in select sizes to help reach their peak.



Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display KEF R400b Sub Woofer


Another one to fly the nest is our now ex demonstration KEF R400b sub woofer in high gloss black. Its been well loved and well looked after from new, ideal for any home stereo or cinema system that needs additional depth or boost in the lower frequencies.

Containing two 9″ low frequency drivers in a reinforced and sealed cabinet measuring 14″ cubed so a compact unit but by no means a compact sound. The drivers are mounted back to back which creates and ‘force cancelling’ effect, resulting in little cabinet movement thus providing a fast, clean and powerful performance. This unit comes in all original packaging so is able to be sent if pickup is not possible.

If this is the addition your system needs, swing by the shop or failing that get in touch via e-mail or phone.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display KEF R500 Speakers

£850 (originally £1500.00)

We are letting a pair of our demonstration loudspeakers go! Therefore you can be confident that they have been very well cared for. These KEF R500 floor-standers are in pristine condition, as their black high gloss finish will show.

The smallest floor-standing loudspeakers in the R range from KEF, though  sharing features found in the higher ranges such as the Reference series and the might Blade! The Uni Q driver is one such feature, combining a 25mm vented dome tweeter in the center of a 125mm aluminium mid frequency drive unit. As far as bass units are concerned, you have two 30mm concave aluminium drivers (rear ported) which deliver startling punch and speed giving tightness and control to lower frequencies.

As expected these meticulously designed loudspeakers create a large, focused and detailed stereo image, separating different elements of the chosen ensemble with clarity and due to their compact size, they will perform well relatively close to a rear wall.

What more would you need? Visit us in the shop to see them, or if any further information is required do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail.




Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian 818v3 Reference Pre amplifier with Streaming

£6000 ( Currently £8000.00)

Time to treat your Meridian DSP speakers with a cracking front end? We offer for sale our display Meridian 818v3 Reference Pre-Amplifier with Sooloos capability.

The 818v3 boasts 6 analogue inputs, all RCA. Digital inputs are covered by USB, 2 Coaxial, 2 Toslink and a Speakerlink. Output is via Speakerlink or Comms / Digital RCA for Meridian DSP speakers. Twin RCA / XLR for those with a traditional power amplifier or Active loudspeakers are also provided. The network card allows connectivity to the Meridian Sooloos platform and Roon applications.

Note : DSP 7200SE and DSP5200.2 available to give a complete Reference system. Please enquire about a system.

Please contact Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian Ultra DAC Reference Digital Pre Amplifier with streaming

£11250.00 (currently £15000.00)

For those who operate exclusivley in the digital source domain we offer this splendid DAC /Preamplifier.

The Meridian Ultra DAC is a Reference DAC with volume control and streaming capability via Meridian Sooloos or Roon platforms. There are 4 coaxial inputs –  2 RCA and 2 BNC, 2 Toslink, 2 AES EBU and a USB. Output to a power amplifier utilises RCA or Balanced XLR.

Network connectivity will allow integration with the Meridian Sooloos system with other streaming options being catered for by connecting your streamer to the appropriate input.

Note: May be combined with the 857 Reference Power amplifier.

Please contact Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian 857 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier

£4500.00(currently £6000)

In need of an amplifier boost in your system? This stereo power amplifier from Meridian may just be the thing for you.

The Meridian 857 Reference Power Amplifier comes as the latest in a long line of fine amplifiers. Capable of driving any speaker with 500W into 4 ohm, 1.5kw into 4 ohm in bridged mono mode, it’s a truly a beast. The back panel features heavy duty binding posts which will accept 4mm plugs or spade connectors. Input to the amplifier is via RCA or balanced XLR giving flexibility on partnering Pre Amplifier.

Fully boxed and in immaculate condition this amplifier is ready to find it’s way into your system.

Note: May be combined with the Reference Ultra DAC

Please call Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more details.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian DSP5200.2 Active Loudspeakers

£4500 (currently £6000)

Here we have the latest version of the well loved Meridian DSP5200 DSP loudspeaker range, the DSP5200.2.

This is a fully active speaker which may run as the endpoint of a Meridian source system or a fully amplified speaker into which you may add a digital source. The DSP (digital sound processing) will allow for customised configuration into most room environments. This allows the speaker to run in free space, tight to a wall or in a corner position.

For Meridian equipment owners the speaker is equipped with traditional digital and comms connection along with speakerlink. For non Meridian users the digital input allows for direct connection of CD player, streaming player etc.

The DSP5200.2 are finished in gloss white and are in perfect condition. The come with full original packaging so may be transported or delivered easily.

For futher information please call the Edinburgh shop.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Clearaudio Master Solution with 12″ Unify Carbon Arm


Just arrived in, this fabulous example of the Clearaudio Master solution turntable.

Typical of the Clearaudio reference level Turntables the construction is impressive. An acrylic chassis sandwiched between brushed aluminium for resonance control and vibration damping. Three massive stainless steel feet which provide a stable and easy to level footprint. They will also allow three arms to be fitted simultaneously with the appropriate arm boards. Top this off with a massive acrylic patter fitted with the upgraded CBM ( Ceramic Magnetic Bearing) which allows the platter to levitate and a weighty off board motor and what more could you want….

…. Well, it comes with a Clearaudio 12″ carbon Unify Unipivot arm with the Clearaudio 6 stream arm cable. This one has been modified by ourselves with balanced XLR connections but the original RCA are supplied for those who don’t run a balanced Phono stage. We will happily change the terminations.

Supplied with original accessories including white gloves, all documentation and full original boxes. Note, some of the internal packing for the chassis is missing but this does not constitute a problem for packing and transportation.

One owner from new, originally supplied and serviced by ourselves and in immaculate condition.

Please call Iain in the Edinburgh Shop for full specification and information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Focal Sopra N1 – Electric Orange with Stands

£4500.00 (Currently £7197.00)

We offer for sale our demonstration pair of Focal Sopra N1. These are finished in Electric Orange and come with the dedicated Sopra Stands.

These speakers were designed to sit in the range between the well loved and well respected 1008Be and the hugely impressive Diablo Utopia. The Sopra N1 feature the berylium tweeter technology and ‘W’ sandwich mid bass driver giving the speakers superb detailed high frequency and wonderful dynamic low frequency response.

The speaker come with full original packaging so may be shipped easily. Factory condition with no marks. A must for someone looking for a stand mount speaker where space is a premium but scale of sound is a must.

Please contact Iain in Edinburgh for further information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963


£9950.00 (currenty £13250.00)

For sale, our demonstration MERGING+PLAYER PL2.

This is a streaming music player with DAC which, when connected to your router will allow you to pull music from network attached storage and internet streaming services via the Roon control platform on your tablet or Smartphone. The unit is also equipped with 2 x USB to enable local connection of  temporary USB drives and memory sticks. Capable of input sample rates from 44.1khz – 192khz, DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256.

The MERGING+ PLAYER is designed to be connected to either amplifier or Active speakers via RCA and XLR analogue outputs. The unit will also support the connection of external digital devices via AES/EBU, SPDIF or TOSLINK. With a headphone socket to the front it may also be simply a streaming headphone stage.

The unit comes with full original packaging.

Please call for further details.




Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display Meridian DSP 7200 SE Active Loudspeakers


Here’s a chance to grab our Ex Demo Meridian DSP 7200 SE speakers in the gorgeous Piano Black finish.

These speakers are in excellent condition, have 3 years of warranty left and come with all original boxes and packaging.

From medium sized rooms to much more spacious environments, the DSP7200 SE fits in perfectly and delivers an outstanding and powerful performance.

We offer free delivery within 100 miles of Edinburgh or free shipping to anywhere else in the UK.



Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

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