John Carroll

Managing Director – Edinburgh

With over thirty years experience in the industry and the self proclaimed “man who invented hi-fi”- John was the joint founder of Loud & Clear Edinburgh. With a reputation for fastidious set up and attention to detail. John is the man to squeeze every ounce of performance from any system. Where most people will say things to please you John will do things to really please you.

Joined 1999

Simon Dougherty

Sales, Installation & Business Development – Edinburgh

Country cottage dweller, family man and technology wizard. Simon looks after sales and  installations as well as providing a host of information on music streaming.

Joined 2005

Iain Dewar

Sales Executive & Analogue specialist – Edinburgh

Turntable enthusiast, valve amp owner and lover of music which only your dad should be listening to. Iain specialises in system design, sales and system set up.


Joined 2001

Angie Russell

Sales Support, Business Development  – Edinburgh

A passionate lover of live music and compulsive gig attendee. Angie brings an encyclopedic knowledge of music to the Edinburgh store.

Joined 2001

Hubert Aniolek

Hubert is the newest member of staff here in Edinburgh. He is our in house engineer and has a passion for repairing audio equipment and 70’s cop show themes!


Agathe Girard

Marketing & new business development – Edinburgh

Agathe is our very own European child, hailing from Draguignan in Provence. Marketing exec and event organiser by day, contemporary dancer by night and occasional theoretical mathematician.

Joined 2010

Allan Boyd

Founder and Glasgow’s Managing Director

Die-hard Led Zeppelin fan and lover of all music from 70s disco to punk and New Wave and soulless German Techno – now has a young daughter, a situation which is seriously hampering involvement in his other two loves, motorcycles and snowboarding.

Joined 1996

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