Used Track Audio Precision Speaker Stands

£925 (£1695)

You can’t have too much stability in life, for instance you wouldn’t build a house with weak foundations… well the same goes for your Hi-fi!

We are letting go a pair on precision speaker stands from Track Audio, which can transform the way your monitors can perform and the way you set them up.

Every music system deals with sound waves and often you are faced with unwanted resonance and vibration. It has been the mission of the people at Track Audio to eliminate such frequencies to let your speakers reach their potential. These are hand built and use Track Audio’s signature isolation feet; a unique design with a locking sprung ball and click mechanism allowing easy and repeatable adjustments and experimentation with tilt for fine tuning phase coherence, as well as a glass spirit level on each for leveling and to ensure that your adjustments are exact. The pillar construction is also worth taking note of, individual segments machined from high grade aluminium to allow you to customise the height of the stand as well as a layer of dampening material in between each one.

As they would directly from Track Audio, this pair includes a full set of spike protectors for the use on hard floors.

If this kind of upgrade is of interest to you get in touch with us by e-mail or phone or better, by visiting us in the shop and to see them for your self.

If the full stands are not what you’re looking for, the potential to enhance your loudspeaker’s performance is still achievable as Track Audio do a full range of products in select sizes to help reach their peak.



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