New for 2017: REGA

3rd March 2017

Rega have some exciting announcements, kicking off this year with a slew of interesting products:

 – Gloss Red Finish for PLANAR 2 and PLANAR 3.

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A distinct change from the white/black Planar finishes we’re used to seeing, these red turntables are the same price as their monochromatic cousins, and are available for preorder for delivery in April.

 – ANIA MC Moving Coil Cartridge.

A welcome addition to Rega’s line of moving coil cartridges, Ania is perfect for for those who crave detailed music without the expense of Apheta 2 or Aphelion. Priced at £498, it pairs well with Rega’s next release:

 – FONO MC Moving Coil Phono Stage.

The perfect companion to any turntable equipped with an Ania (or any other MC) cartridge. Reasonably priced at £248, the Fono MC is designed to fit with the new Brio.

 – ATLAS Digital Track Force Gauge.

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If you enjoy fiddling with turntables as much as we do, then you’ll know that it’s imperative to get the tracking force right whilst setting up. Rega have created a precision engineered tool to help with a crucial part of turntable setup, at just £175.


Using a new electronic speed adjustment system and housed in a new case to match the Brio and Fono MC, the redesigned TT PSU will be available with the new Planar 6 at first, before being sold separately. Price will be announced shortly.

 – Record Store Day

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Combining the best elements of the Planar 3 with the RB110 tonearm, this limited run of 500 specially designed turntables is apparently “the best performing RSD deck (REGA) have produced.” 50 of them will be signed by famous bands an artists, meaning you have a 10% chance nabbing one for yourself.

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