Last of the Mohicans? Best of the CD Players!

17th December 2016

When you spend £4000 on any piece of hi-fi, you expect it to do 4000 things. However, Hegel’s latest offering bucks convention and focuses on doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else on their level.

The brand new Hegel Mohican CD Player is currently raking in awards left, right, and centre for its uncompromising dedication to playing CDs and nothing else. HiFi-Choice, HiFi News and Home Cinema Choice have all named it their CD player of the year, despite having zero digital inputs, not playing SACD, and not doubling as a DAC.

However, the one thing that it does do, it does like no other. Its 32bit AKM AK4490 converter allows it to natively output 16bit/44.1kHz, which means no upsampling, allowing for a relaxed, natural and easy to enjoy sound. Instead of using a CD-ROM drive like most players, Hegel opted for one of the few CD Audio Drives still available to deliver 100% of a disk’s potential. Outputs are minimal too: Analogue balanced and unbalanced, and a BNC connector for hooking up to an external DAC if so desired.

Billed by many as “The Last” CD player you’ll ever buy, the Mohican will be arriving in our store very soon. Book your demo today to hear for yourself what your CD collection is capable of.

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