Name that record!

17th September 2016

[22/10/2016: The competition has ended, feel free to keep guessing though. Thanks to those that participated!]


It’s competition time at Loud & Clear!

Upon inheriting a classic Linn LP12 from his father, one of our dearest customers came to us for help adding it to their system. After a full turntable service, a Moon Neo 310LP phono stage, and a home installation,  the only thing left to do was test it with some wax. A few hours later, the played records started to stack up, and we snapped the photo above.

So we’ve decided to put you all to the test: Name as many of the records in the photo as you can, with whomever gets the most right winning an album of their choice from the Music On Vinyl catalogue. The competition will run until 22/10/2016, and you can send your answers in to us with the contact form below.

Best of luck, and happy crate digging!

Note: The owner of the collection is exempt from participating. That’d be too easy.



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