Please Pass the Plato

1st September 2016

The home of the future is often seen a connected cocoon, where the inhabitants’ every desire can be fulfilled by a simple button push. Every film you own can be watched on any screen in your house; every room can be filled with music, no matter the format of your collection; lighting and temperature can be controlled from your phone; and your robot butler can both prepare delicious meals for you and walk the dog;

Although Convert haven’t quite covered all that, they have addressed the need for a smart storage and playback device, for both music and movies. With the ability to import digital music and movie collections; record and recognise live vinyl, CD, DVD, and tape sources; and download high resolution music to its internal drive, then simultaneously stream video to any smart TV or tablet in the house, and play music to multiple rooms, Plato is a powerful addition to any home.

Ranging from the Plato Class A, featuring a unique class A amplifier, MM/MC phono stage, and 2TB of storage, to the stripped back Plato Lite, with its unique streaming and recording capabilities. With options to suit every system, regardless of collection format and equipment, its easy to envisage one working in your home.

Due to our newfound status as Convert’s only Reference partner in Scotland, we have the unique position of being able to demonstrate the entire Plato range alongside the usual selection of high-end hi-fi in our Edinburgh store.

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