Rack The Casbah

20th August 2016

Overlooked by many, the humble hifi rack has come a long way since someone had the bright idea of dedicating a piece of furniture to their system. From simple shelves to multi-level monstrosities, Quadraspire’s latest offering could easily fall into the latter category, were it not for the sheer beauty and elegance it exudes.

Using a unique “shelves-within-shelves” design, and years of knowledge and experience, the X-Reference really stands out. By combining coated bamboo supports, bronze feet, beautifully curved columns and Sunoko Vent shelves, Quadraspire have imbued their hifi holder with isolating properties greater than the sum of its parts.

More than just being something to put your kit on, the X-Reference also improves the sound of the system it supports. Everybody in the shop was blown away when we first heard it, and everyone who’s had a demo of it has purchased one. At £1000 per level, it is an investment, but a worthwhile one to know your hifi is supported by one of the best racks on the market today.

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