Nothing But Thieves

27th November 2015

I literally tripped over these guys whilst browsing for something on a well known website, when they popped up on my home page because of other things I’d bought recently. I normally ignore those ‘recommendations’ but something caught my eye (namely the cover art) and I decided to investigate further. After a bit of reading, I soon had it streaming in my office…

I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first but was immediately and quite unexpectedly hearing Muse meets Radiohead. Now those are big shoes to be aspiring to fill but these boys somehow manage it, and all without losing their own identity. There’s plenty of melody and catchy riffs, not to mention Conor Mason’s vocal acrobatics (which may be Marmite for some people), and at least one of the slower tracks sees him giving Jeff Buckley a run for his money.

A few listens in and I have to say, it’s an accomplished record for such young guys. It’s obvious that they’ve got oodles of talent between them which translates into masses of potential, and it appears that they can do it LIVE too. Muse even chose them as support for their Rock in Roma show earlier this year where they played in front of 30,000 people.

Check out this Halloween performance of new single ‘Itch’ (one of their best songs, IMO) taken from their self titled debut. Out now so if you like this, you know what to do…

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