Buy It, Clean It, Play It!

13th March 2015

A pop-up record shop from Clym’s Records.

Sponsored by VPI, manufacturer of turntables and record cleaning machines.

Come and listen to a wide selection of vinyl… From pop LPs and 12″ singles (including Bob Dylan’s Love And Theft, The Cure’s Wild Mood Swings, Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark and more) to classical LPs via indie/punk/new wave/soul and reggae 7″ singles! There will definitely be something for everyone.

There will be about 600-800 classical LPs and 100-150 classical box sets. They will cover orchestral, instrumental, chamber, ballet, vocal, opera and choral music from early, baroque, classical and modern classical periods.

There will also be a good selection of mono, stereo and digital LPs from the 1950s through to the early 1990s on the main labels: EMI ASD series, Decca SXL & LXT series, DGG, Philips, RCA, Mercury & CBS as well as others on minor labels. Plus a good number of LPs from the TAS/HP audiophile list.

Here is a wee taster of the classical LPs you can expect to find on the day:

About Clym, in his own words:
“I’ve been buying and selling records as a hobby since the late 80s and as my full-time job since 2010. I’ve acquired the records from collections, record shops and online. After buying the records I clean and repair the sleeves, replace any tatty or incorrect vintage inner sleeves, clean the records on my VPI Typhoon record cleaner and audition them to check their condition.”

We will have our demo rooms set up with turntable based systems as well as individual listening stations in the form of Nomad turntables fitted with KEF M 500 headphones. There will be promotions on the day too!

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