HD – no really – Super High Vision or 8k Ultra High Definition

14th August 2012

Our very own Allan Boyd was at a special screening at BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay of selected highlights from the Olympics filmed bv NHK in 8k Super High Vision with a 22.2 channel surround sound system.

Filmed via one of only a handful of  Super High Vision Cameras in the world  alongside a revolutionary 22 channel live recording facility – the signal was broadcast over “JANET” The UK’s research and development – superfast 400Gbit/s high bandwith network.

The event had a capacity of around 100 people with a wall filling screen which must have easily been 8m wide. The 33.2 mega pixel image at 120 Frames/sec was projected  via a heavily modified JVC Dila Projector (£4k with e-shift) Sound was via a Yamaha Processor and RCF Monitors.

“It was an amazinginly immersive experience – the clarity on the image combined with the sheer variety of atmospheric sound coming at you from every angle – took the viewer straight into the middle of the performance.” “Watching Chris Hoy as he approached the finish line – the volume of the crowd seemingly around you just built and built – I was tempted to stand up and cheer as I felt everyone else around me already had.” We may be a few years away from seeing anything like this technology available in the home – however this is undoubtedly the future and its really exciting.

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