Raidho, small boxes, big voice!

21st March 2012

Speakers too close together? This has always been a little joke between me and Allan Boyd. I have never really warmed to systems that don’t give me concert hall sound stage width but I do also want incredible central focus. So it was with great glee that we plugged in the new Raidho C1.1s last week to find that not only did we get a pin sharp central vocal but also got a non phased sound stage the full width of our 7 metre wide listening room. The funny thing was, we had just dropped them in place either side of a pair of very large Focals to get some run in done. I will be posting a full update on the sonics of this beautiful little speaker once they are run in.

I am sure the debate will continue between me and Allan about fitting an entire rock band into shoe box size image is correct or not. However, I would encourage everyone to try listening to a huge soundstage presenting system at least once in your life to find out all the fuss is about.

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